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        中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园土壤生态研究组建于2003年,隶属于中国科学院热带森林生态学重点实验室,在第一任组长邹晓明博士(任期2003-2010年)的带领下,研究组科研人员及研究生在热带、亚热带和温带森林生态系统开展了土壤微生物生态学、生物地球化学循环过程、土壤碳氮循环机制等热点科学问题的研究,在国际上具有影响的土壤学期刊如Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Applied Soil Ecology等发表多篇论文,为版纳植物园土壤生态组的稳定发展奠定了基础。


    Soil Ecology Group of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences was set up in 2003. It is a part of Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology. Under Dr. Zou Xiaoming’s (as PI from 2003-2010) leadership, researchers and graduate students conducted a study of microbial ecology, biogeochemical cycling, soil carbon and nitrogen cycling mechanism and other hot issues of science in tropical, subtropical and temperate forest ecosystems, laying the foundation for the development of XTBG soil ecology group.

In May 2012, Prof YANG Xiaodong became the research group leader. Based on the previous study, our group use tropical, subtropical and temperate forest system in the southwest region of China with the main research objective to explore the mechanisms of biodiversity maintenance and ecosystem function through theoretical, experimental and field survey method. Research mainly involves: response mechanism of tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems arthropods (insects) and soil organisms community structure and diversity to environmental change; effects of important functional groups of soil biological on nutrient transformation, carbon sequestration and release; interactions between spatial and temporal heterogeneity and co-evolution of insect, soil organisms and aboveground plants; Detrital food web structure and function, interaction mechanisms of different trophic levels of functional groups (or species); driving factors of invasion of exotic soil organisms (such as earthworms); relationship between plant rhizosphere effect and soil microbes, nematodes.