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Our laboratory has artificial temperature and humidity incubator, centrifuge, ultra-low temperature freezer, DGGE system, PCR, clean benches, stereo microscope, electronic balance instruments. In addition, we have established two field research platform in tropical and subtropical forests.

a) Field study platform:

qgcl_001              2

Root cut and litter remove experiment in subtropical forest

4          4

Data collection and earthworm inoculation


6           5

Malaise traps for insect collection


b) Equipments for laboratory experiment

1              2

Incubator and

3           4

PCR and centrifuge

5            6

电泳系统                                                       DGGE分析系统

7_001      8_001      9_001

超低温冰箱                        超净工作台                                      恒温摇床